The shop is open!

Rose .gif

Hello there! Welcome to my diary where I will be sharing my art, thoughts and writing. I just opened my shop! Yeay!! Please check it out and send the link to your friends!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a designer, gone artist, yogi, idea creator who breathes for art, travelling, yoga and social justice. I love creating things and I love the way creations can touch people.. It doesn’t matter if its art, food, music or fashion.. To me it is all the same! So I am officially launching this private project of mine, now. Hope you’ll enjoy it!!

Love B


Here’s how I am feeling right now.. The photograph is one that I took last winter in Medewi. These kids just got crazy when they saw that I had a camera and screamed -“Miss, photo, photo, photo, pleaseeee!!!!” So sweet..