Water theraphy

Hi there, let me introduce you what I view as holistic living, which is very linked to the art I create. You see, I photograph the water, reflections, paint waves and oceans and even draw people washing themselves. I also love dressing in blue, travelling to the ocean and try being by a lake as often as I can. This is a big part of my life and in recent years rituals of different sorts have taken a bigger place in my daily routines.


Here are a few examples of water therapy activities:

  1. Japanese bathing

To do this at home, all you need is a stool , a bucket, soap and a small towel. Sit down and shower, using the towel, lather up with soap and fill the bucket with water. Rinse yourself with the bucket and repeat. If you wish, add a body scrub, exfoliating glove, hair products and more. Relax, feel your body, notice how you feel and look before and after. This is usually the routine you do before getting into the hot spring. There is a great version of this at Arken Spa, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  1. Water falling

Water falling or water-falling, can be interpreted in many ways depending on your location and wishes. The point is to “hear the water fall”. You can do this by hiking to a waterfall, something I loved doing as a kid, in “silver falls” outside my home town. Or you can visit a garden with a fountain and just sit down and listen. Another way is to listen to the rain or simply lie down on your yoga mat or bed and listen to a recording of a waterfall, heavy rain or a small rain on your music app.

  1. Water pouring

In Japan, many temples have wells with water that one is supposed to scoop up with a special scoop and pour in a special way. In Bali, I discovered many beautiful carved stone fountains, many of which had green algae and moss covering them, making them even more beautiful.  As a kid I used to play in my grand-parents waterfall and pour the water into little bowls, looking for gold. To pour water, you really do not need much. Go outside or find a lake or a well, bring your own cup, just play with the water or attach a symbolic meaning to the action. This can either be linked to your spirituality, your religion or it can be a non-religious act of relaxation. Or do the same inside. Why not build your own waterfall in miniature or a water altar combined with aromatherapy.

  1. Mist therapy

Make your own flower water or buy organic versions. Use these mists when you wake up to refresh, after make-up to hydrate, whilst on a plane or any transportation for hydration and relaxation, before an important meeting or just as an act of concentration.

My favourite flower waters are rose, lavender and orange blossom, these are probably the most common ones too but very easy to use and perfectly safe. Make sure that you use organic and clean flowers if attempting to do your own. Also only use edible flowers!

My favourite brand which has all of these products is Sanoflore, you can get their rosewater here.


  1. Swimming,

Swimming is probably the simplest and easiest way to forget your problems, work out your entire body no matter if you are well trained , injured or never do any sport, this is something you can do and will get something out of. Plus it is one of the sports that actives all of your body without putting pressure on your knees!

  1. Shower

While it is something most do every day, I feel that we must start to view showering as different things. There is showering for cleanliness, showering to” take the day off”, showering to get warm, to cool down, showering your child or loved one, caring for someone who cannot shower by themselves due to age or mobility or to wash away a bad feeling. It’s not uncommon to “forget what you are doing”, whilst showering. Some think, others sing and feel like they are a new person as they step out. After a bad experience, showering can be one of the most powerful ways to calm down.  There are just so many reasons to shower.

My idea is that you start to be aware of this and use it in your life, the way you feel it can help you. If you are stressed and rarely have time for long showers, get a five to ten step beauty routine to occupy yourself in the shower. This can be using a scrub, a clay mask, shampoo, rinse, hair conditioner and soap followed by oiling up once you have turned off the shower.

Using oil this way will not only reduce the amount of oil needed, it will make the skin absorb the oil better and won’t leave you oily. Also, oil is better for the environment, both because it is not diluted, thus takes less space and weight to be transported but also it doesn’t need any chemical binders and strange ingredients found in conventional lotions and body butters. If you prefer lotions and body butters, choose an organic or home-made option.

Hope you’ll enjoy my ideas!

This post is not sponsored in any way, I have tested all of the activities and products mentioned and this blog is not a commercial one but a hobby.