WINTER Beaches 

Last weekend I walked around to a couple of beaches near my home town.  I love seeing the water any season but looking out at a frozen lake has something extra special about it. Somehow it made me think of Springsteen songs and some old music I used to listen to years ago..  Sometimes it’s so wonderful,  to go back to places like this, to just recharge your roots a bit. Attached or not to roots,  there’s always some place that makes us feel home. For me it’s beaches..

Here’s a  few water rituals for winter :

1. Winter Water  Walk and Meditation

Walk to a park or a place where there is water. Listen to some music you used to listen to a long time ago,  sit down and take some time to contemplate on your life.

2. Sweat and Swim Mixed Movement

Go to a hot yoga or ballet class, then rest for twenty minutes, drink some hot ginger water, then Swim and float slowly for a relaxing yet energised ritual.

3. Winter Sauna and Cold Swim Ritual

Find a sauna with a cold pool or lake to swim in. Collect the courage to do and jump!

4. Walk in the rain

Dress well, boot up and go put for a walk in the rain!

Hope you enjoy my ideas! Have a great week!!