Golden Goddess

Here’s the full story on my first goddess collaboration!  It was really inspiring to do something so free and improvised with another artist. We didn’t expect anything yet the result in my mind was wonderful!

My idea was to collaborate with different people and ask them to find a representation of their inner strength, innner goddess or inner peace warrior in an image we’d create together using my accessories and body paint as highlights. This through chooseing their look, their colours and the poses themselves in the photographs. I wanted them to feel free yet in total control of their image.

Here’s the first series named “Golden Goddess”

The accessories are made by hand by me from silk, alpaca wool and lambswool. They can be worn as hair pieces or necklaces /bracelets/ scarfs.. There are also some fingerless gloves and broches. Prices upon request..

All make-up was made by me and the rest of the credit goes to my wonderful model and photographer.

Thanks for collaborating with me on this story! Looking forward to more shootings like this one!

If you would like to join the project and represent yourself and your strengths do not hesitate to contact me! It doesn’t matter if you just want your picture taken, then I can photograph you, or if you are an artist or photographer who wants to create your own artwork in collaboration with me. Hopefully we can spread strong and positive images of women in control of their own image!