Wave therapy with petals 

Hi, this week I’ve been focusing on meditation and relaxation, writing and finalising drawings.I feel that these excersices help me focus and work better if I do them regularly during the day. I’ve been doing a lot of rose rituals and water therapy lately and I figured out a way to combine the two in a meditation inspired by a photograph I took in Kyoto:

Meditation for gratitude and focus

Think of waves as they come in and cover the sand of a beautiful shore. Think of the sound of them rolling in, the salt in the air, the sun setting on the beach.

For every wave that rolls in, foucs on one thing that you are grateful of. Let waves and waves wash you with what is good in your heart. See them as petals, small, beautiful and colourful petals, maybe they’re roses, maybe cherry petals.. Think of their smell, their texture..

Think of these grateful thoughts as they are flowing around,  moving to the sound of your breath.  Control them, hold them with your thoughts and by holding your breath,  then let them go and let your attention grow towards the next petal that comes along.

Maybe you will find someone you’re missing, something you already have,  something you made happen.

Let the petals roll away and know your mind can keep focused without holding them physically in your hand.  Remind yourself during the day of the most precious ones..

I hope you enjoy this meditation!!