Happy Jazz Mornings

It all started years ago when I used to live in Paris, in the second arrondissement, where I’d spend my mornings drinking espressos and café creme’s in my sunlit room with yellow silk wallpapers listening to jazz. There’d always be a scented candle burning,  with the smell of almonds from Ladurée or some other ridiculously overpriced perfume maker. I loved that place, the balcony doors were tall and I’d often sit outside looking down at what was happening in the street. I’d listen to John Coltrane,  something I picked up from someone.

I had forgotten how beautiful jazz can be in the morning, then suddenly I started listening to it again and it’s just wonderful how calm and happy it makes me. Now I’m no connaisseur (yes I use the French spelling as I find the English and Swedish “connoisseur”  to be utterly ugly and wrong) but I have been drawn to more and more “happy jazz”  and it’s a kind of music I just think does so much good to my morning mood.


Make som fresh coffee or tea, some scrambled eggs or porridge, pancakes or why not all three. I also have at least one smoothie per morning,  preferably something with almonds or hazelnuts and fruit. Strawberries and rose water also go great together but the best part of a really happy jazz morning must be doing a little mixed movement or stretching!

I usually start with some yoga, then do some stretching and finally a few ballet moves if I have the time.

Use some aromatherapy oil or room spray to accentuate the feeling you wish to have.I prefer them to perfume or candles now as they are pure and can be combined differently every day to your needs.  For mornings, my favourites are rose,  eucalyptus,  lemon grass and orange! 

I hope you enjoyed this post about happy morning rituals, taking the time to have a good morning really is everything to having a successful day!