White flowers

Spring is almost here, and with that in mind why not surround yourself with light clours and cherry blossoms? Shop my white flowers collection here!

April in Paris is a classic for me, I can’t wait to be on those small streets again, sipping rose out on some crowded terasse with cherries in bloom right above my head. Another dream destination for spring and cherry blossoms is off course Japan! Hopefully one day I’ll get to see the Sakura festival in all of its beauty but for now Im opting for lighter coloured clothes, apricot lipstick and some very well needed spring cleaning.

Here are some cherry rituals to try out:

  1. Cherry bath – Get yourself a small stool to sit on, a bucket, some cherryblossoming bath products, a small towel or scrub glove. Get your water running and filll up your bucket, pour it over your head and scrub away with your cherryflower bodyscrub, rinse again with your bucket and wash your body carefully using the small wet towel, repeat, use soap, hair products, apply a face mask, whatever you like until relaxed, soft and glowing!
  2. Get together with some friends and head over to the best patisserie in town, order japanese tea and a fôret noir, chocolate cake with cherries. Laduree or Angelinas would be the places to go to in Paris, look around to see what is available in your town!
  3. Japanese fusion cusisine and cocktails- Discover some new haute cuisine of the japanese fusion variety, preferably a place where they can put together a cherry wine coctail to die for. If it cant be found, do it yourself.
  4. Get your friends together and sit on the quai, in the park or whereever you can find cherry blossoms and enjoy an evening of rose and picnic magic!
  5. Clear out your wardrobe and combine these colours; white, apricot pink, pink, black or brown and beige. The ultimate cherry blossom combination.
  6. Do the same to your house, decorate in cherry blossom colours, get a nice cherry photograph or painting or why not a beautiful vintage object from your local vintage shop!
  7. Spring yoga in the park! Do your first outdoor yoga session in a park with cherries. Dress warm and enjoy the spring sun!
  8. Spring cherry beauty ideas: Take a break from foundation if you usually wear it, opt for a ligher make-up in the form of concealer only where necessary, an apricot blush, a soft light white/vanilla/golden eyeshadow depending on your skintone and preference and a light apricot lipstick! Try a beige, brown or burgondy mascara!
  9. Skip the nails, you only need shaping and some oil!                            I hope you have enjoyed these cherry blossom rituals! Take care!