Cherry obsession

I have been obsessed with photographing cherry flowers for a couple of years now. It all started with them, since my first cherry photographs I have documented and photographed hundreds of trees, flowers and branches from below. There is something about seeing the sun through the leaves that really inspires me.They make me think of so many places, so many wonderful parks and people enjoying the first rays of sun, kisses under the pink trees, first rosé of the year.. The list goes on and on!

Then there is my writing, about a fairytale land, a fantasy saga that have been with me since I first invented it aged five.. Little by little I have created a land of hope and dreams, in which cherry flowers play a big part.cherry-obsession-2.gif

In my stories, there is a Valley of forever blossoming cherries. for those of you who follow me on instagram, you already know. Here is an extract;

“With a single cherry flower, she said good bye to her lover and planted a cherry tree that would spread into a whole valley. A valley of pink spring hope that would blossom forever, under one condition, that they would never see each other again” Belladonna Lagerkvist

Until my book is ready, I will share little extracts like this along with my art that captures the same emotions, the same landscapes and dreams. For me cherry flowers are a symbol of those dreams, of playfulness, hope, love and so much more and I love to surround myself with them. Even as decoration and inspiration for clothes and food I hold cherries as my very dearest, for example my favourite cake is “Fôret noire”, a heavy chocolate cake with cherries, if you haven’t tried it, find a luxurious French or  Swiss bakery, or bake it yourself!

I strongly believe in cooking with the seasons but I’d like to add dressing and decoration as well. Why don’t we make our days a little bit more gay? Yes, one can still use the world gay meaning, happy. Everyone seems to be wearing all black and dull colours, when it comes to decoration, I’m sorry to say I think to much of it is all the same. Then there is the aspect of the environment, waste etc, why buy new clothes or furniture when the best ones are old? For me, buying a pair of jeans or a bureau of traditional cut is best done in a vintage shop. The real only need to produce new clothes or things, is if the old ones are worn out or if you wish to create something that didn’t exist before. But what are the chances of all the vintage shops in the world running out of jeans?

Fashion for most part is repetition anyway, and without a clear idea of what anyone wants everyone ends up looking the same. For one soul purpose, consumption.With an exception to those who have really found their style, their signum in a specific style or era that they like. Don’t you just love to see that kind of dedication? I do. I think people are best when they feel that they are themselves, fully. When they do what they love!

What’s this got to do with my cherry photographs? Well, as some of you know, my idea of holistic art is to offer ideas that can inspire and simplify peoples lives, ideas that speak to their inner queens and goddesses rather than trends and fashion. For I believe, that the chances of finding a style of ones own is greater from a holistic perspective. I believe having one style in clothes and another in our homes make us stressed and visually tired. There are already so many excitements every day and so much to take in. What if you thought really well on what makes you smile? What sceneries and what smells speak to you? If you were a goddess or a god which would be your strengths? Take those things and make them your style!

Cherries are just one example of things many people feel deeply happy about seeing, maybe they are your favourite moment of spring, maybe you prefer the first rose buds or the fist swim in the ocean in June?  Whatever it is that makes you happy, if there a re hundreds of things or there is one particular thing you love most, my tip is, wear it, be it and surround yourself with it! Associations are powerful.

When I think of cherries, I think of April in Paris, of my dreams of going to Japan again in the Spring, I think of cute Japanese soft cakes in pink and green, drinking macha lattes and wearing cosy pink sweaters and skirts made for dancing. Exactly the kind that you can find in vintage shops all over the world. By doing actions that place me in that mindset, that little moment of happiness I can create new moments.

So I invent rituals, that are based on what I love. Its funny, so often I think we are just going along with the traditions of our countries, our social groups, our religion but when we link ourselves, our happiness our memories and our preferred moments of the seasons to new rituals, we create new traditions, new spaces in time to be exactly where we want. Well isn’t that fantastic? Isn’t it wonderful that my favourite things to do and live can be shared with so many people in this world? People who have grown up with entirely different traditions and customs can feel linked to me, and I to them, because they too love flowers, or cake or tea or, travelling..cherry-obsession-3

 This is why I consider myself a peace warrior. In this political climate, in this world of destruction, we can float above politics, about nationality and become citizens of the world. We can be people who take care of each other and learn from one another, we can be curious, rather than just sticking to doing what everyone else in our social group is doing and by doing so I think that we are actually calming the world down a bit. When we see people in Holland and Canada expressing the same needs for equality, the same needs for human rights we can feel linked rather than different. So my wish for you today is to look inside, what do you love, go out and do that as much as you can and make the world a little more peaceful.

Imagine that, if we all sat down in meditation at the same time, if we all took a longer break for tea, imagine what the world could be! And maybe, just maybe you happen to love cherry blossoms as well, in which case you should check out my shop, and look at my “Cherry obsession” series in my Spring Swan collection here!

For more ideas, rituals and art check out my instagram and this diary again in a couple of days! Love B