Spring is finally here, flowers are popping up here and there but as I live in Sweden, I will have to wait a little longer for the cherry flowers.  So I have been making sure to get my dose of spring feelings from inside!

Here’s my spring look for the office:

“Rose garden” painting to the left, “Rose Bay” painting to the right and a new print from my photo series “Cherry light spring”, which you can shop here!


My house have been full of flowers recently but these one’s must be my favourites, carnation flowers, ranunculus and my all time favourites, snapdragons!


There is something so universal about flowers.. I can’t get enough of them and I can’t wait until it gets warmer!!


I’m focusing on pink shades, yellows and whites and my collections of vases and porcelaine with flowers are ever growing,  I love how the Chinese patterns on this little dish resemble mid summer flowers and finally one of the best sweets there is, Turkish delight or Lokum, these ones are pomegranate flavoured and vegan!

Hope you’re having a lovely start of April!!