SUN Rituals

Hi! It’s been a while! I hope you have been well! The sun is finally here and so is spring! I am trying to make the most of this new light and so I have been doing a lot of sun rituals lately like walkig in the forest or by the sea!


Here is a list of my favourite sun rituals!

  1. Find a warm place in the sun and just sit and read a book!
  2. Bike ride/walk to the ocean/ mountain/forest
  3. Dress in sunny colours
  4. Drink russian tea with lemon and sugar, have a poppy seed cake or pastry in your favourite spot.
  5. Read “Everything is illuminated” by Jonathan Safron Foer, or any other happy and fun book!
  6. Cook, anything with sweetpotatoes, oranges, salt, lemon, olives, black beans.. Fresh herbs.
  7. Make/get an orange blossom cocktail
  8. Do a honey/orange/orange blossom/amber spa/home treatment
  9. Sunsetting (sun salutation series at sunset)


  1. Start off in a seated position facing the sun
  2. Draw 7 breaths whilst counting 4 seconds inhale, 3 seconds hold and seven seconds exhale. Say three OM’s.
  3. Do 2 sunsalutations A
  4. 2 sunsalutations B
  5. 2 more sunsalutations A, turn your warrior I into a low lunge and dive down into a dove, lie down for a few breaths and then look up to the sun and grab your foot, mermaid pose.
  6. 2 sunsalutations B, turn your warrior two and stand feet paralel, head towards the groud, get down on your head and palms, lift up your legs and put ankles on elbows, then rise to a headstand.
  7. Tree position facing the sun, lift your leg unsupported and grab your big toe, turn leg to the side whilst opposite arm to the opposite side and look at that hand.
  8. From tree position, evolve into a dancer position and stare into the sun.
  9. Sit down for 10 minutes of meditation where you locate the sun inside you.
  10. Shavasana lying on a bolster, feet together and knees out.

This last image is of the sun setting outside of my hotel room a few weeks back. The light and the lamps together.. It was divine!


Always look for the light!!I hope you will enjoy these rituals!!