Ayurvedic weekend 

Just spent a wonderful weekend learning about ayurveda!  Plenty of inspiration for wellbeing, rituals and holistic art and activities.. Now back home, I’m quite impressed by the effect, strolling around in the sun, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Something to hold dear is really what wonders we have around us. Especially now in the spring, when everything comes to life. It’s so easy to forget to look.. This sea of tulips made me so happy,  if I can urge you to do one ritual today it’s really to go out and find some beautiful spring flowers to look at. Rest a bit in front of them and say thanks to yourself for taking the time to do that.

Seeing life in another light, meeting wonderful people and learning about ancient traditions can really have a superb effect on how we see the world around us. Today after a wonderful lunch in the rose café of central gothenburg I was mesmerised by the beauty of the garden and thought extra much about enjoying my delicious saffron fish soup. Thinking about how to become a full vegetarian again or not and what I feed my body.

I really recommend learning about ayurveda, there are so many ideas about balance in life, different personality types and how to understand them, about what each personality needs and should avoid, about time and resting, medicine and more! Some things really explained a lot about peoples reactions,  my own and made me aware about how different people really take different experiences. Whether someone is inspirational, leading or more stable in their aim can really explain much about how they think and what they enjoy. I think I will try sleeping according to recommended dosha time first, waking up in vata time 02-06 and falling asleep in kapha time 18-22..

It’s definitely something I will continue to study, along with further yoga experiences.

Hoping you are well and that you enjoyed this post!!