Belladonna Lagerkvist is a designer, artist and collector of things and ideas.

She is also a dedicated yogi, writer, passionate about cooking, travelling, nature and wellbeing. For years she has been creating what she calls holistic art, something you may discover more about by reading her new and very personal blog/diary here! It includes yoga practice, meditation, wellbeing rituals, beauty, travel and yes physical art aswell. She links decoration with wellbeing in a direct manner and offers ideas about how to collect and create rituals and art that may make ones life feel a little bit more holistic, she pushes personal style before fashion and shows how one can build a world around what one loves.

If you are interested in byuing her artworks, head over to the shop and get her signature black and white illustrations and colourful photographs in limited editions here!

Find everything from very simple and elegant drawings to intricate and detailed work containing hundreds of small shapes, like flowers and animals that can be used to tell stories or that you may come back to and discover yet another detail in that you did not see before. Themes such as flowers, clouds, water reflections, branches, imaginary world’s with mythological-like creatures and animals are the most reoccurring in Belladonnas art.  She also writes stories and poetry, some of which you can discover on instagram.

Her sharp lines fit perfectly for illustrations, prints and tattoos. The photographs are more varied in style, from direct floral shots and scenes from nature and often she goes out of focus on purpose and uses the light and colours to create sensual and relaxing abstracts.

The meaning of these artworks she leaves up to you to define as she finds that art is for everyone and the meaning belongs to each of us. This is also why she allows herself to work with very dark, personal, naive and decorative art subjects all at the same time. She wants to reflect that each person is made up of many facets that are equally important and hopes to offer art that isn’t presumptive, snobby or limiting.

-“If it makes you happy, it´s good for you! You should buy art that you want to look at or that can touch or motivate you!” she says.

“Each person has a place for tradition, modernity, simplicity and detail, in just that perfect mix that makes us who we are. If we allow ourselves to choose our clothes, art and lifestyle as a whole, maybe we can have a more relaxed and accepting life”; she adds and continues to describe her world; – “ I want to make people drink purple cocktails, listening to jazz in their purple velvet chair, looking at their favourite purple painting, wearing their favourite vintage outfit and feeling like , -“Wow, this is really me!”
Please be welcome to enjoy her works here, on instagram and discover more about her art, yoga, meditations and rituals and much more here in her new diary!